Nobody Can Save Microsoft, It's About to Die

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Read this excerpt from a study that made the rounds earlier this month. And then dig a grave in your backyard next to your kid's dead hamster for Microsoft (MSFT):

Also today, SoftWatch is releasing its benchmark study which analyzes real usage of Microsoft (MS) Office in dozens of enterprises comprising over 150,000 total users. The benchmark shows that on average an employee only spends 48 minutes a day on MS Office applications, most of it on Outlook for email. It also reveals high numbers of inactive users in the organizations; in particular PowerPoint was not being used at all by half of the employees. In addition, most of the users of the other applications used them primarily for viewing and light editing purposes, with only a small number of heavy users: 2% in PowerPoint, 9% in Word and 19% in Excel.
These results are in line with what industry analysts have stated that companies overspend on licenses that are not being used ... by transitioning light users from MS Office to Google Apps, companies can save up to 90% on their Microsoft licensing fees. (emphasis added)

That's a study conducted by an Israeli firm called SoftWatch. And it represents the writing on the wall.

I'm not going to say much more here. Because not much more needs to be said. I've already made the case that the one thing that keeps the charade alive for Microsoft -- an entrenched consumer and enterprise installed base for Office -- is hanging by a thread. Here's a background article -- With or Without Apple, Google Will Crush Microsoft -- that includes links to even more background.

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