Next is Mondelez (MDLZ), the global snack maker that owns Oreo and Cadbury but also a sizable coffee business. Mondelez announced it's spinning off its coffee interests into a new company of which it will own 49%. Cramer said that's another win for investors.

Finally, there's Alliant Techsystems (ATK), a stock that's already up 130% since Cramer recommended it in January 2013. Alliant is shedding its sporting division so it can merge with Orbital Sciences (ORB) and become a defense powerhouse that will certainly commend a higher multiple that it receives today.

Pulling the Plug on eCommerce?

Is it "game over" for the ecommerce stocks? It certainly seems that way after online advertiser Rocket Fuel (FUEL) became the latest in the ecom group to blow up in spectacular fashion.

Rocket Fuel came public last September to much fanfare, Cramer recalled, and traded as high at $66 a share in January. However, after reporting 95% sales growth in its most recent quarter, investors ran for the exits, sending shares below $22 a share. Cramer said the markets simply aren't tolerating fast-growing companies that hope to turn a profit far out in the future.

Rocket Fuel is not alone, however. Online ad stock Millennial Media (MM) has fallen 53% this year, while Channel Advisor (ECOM) is off 47%.

This mass exodus from growth is only made worse by the fact that there are still more companies in this crowded online advertising space waiting to come public. Cramer said the industry will need to see lots of mergers and failures in order to save itself. In the end, there may not be anything left to save.

Cramer's Playbook

For the next installment of "Cramer's Playbook," Cramer taught viewers about the notion of opportunity cost and explained why risk isn't always a bad thing.

Cramer said many beginning investors fear taking risks and feel the safety of a simple savings account or bank CD is enough to get them started. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth, said Cramer. It's actually irresponsible to your money in such an account that pays next to nothing.

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