10 summer driving hazards and your car insurnce

It's summertime, and the driving is easy. Or at least it will be if you have sufficient car insurance coverage. Before you take to the open road, check your insurance policy or call your insurer to make sure you have the coverage you need.

Here are some common summer driving hazards you might encounter, and the types of car insurance you should have for each emergency.

1. Your car is stuck in the sand at the beach and needs a tow.

You might be using your kid's bucket and shovel to dig your car out of the sand, or else be prepared to pay for a tow, unless you have optional roadside assistance coverage. If you do, your insurer will dispatch a wrecker to tow your car onto solid ground. Many auto insurance companies offer roadside assistance, or you can purchase it through a group such as AAA. (Photo provided by: iStock)













2. Your canoe or kayak flies off the roof of your car and hits another vehicle.

All states but New Hampshire require you to carry liability insurance on your vehicle. If you don't, you'll be up a creek without a paddle. Penny Gusner, Insure.com's consumer analyst, says your liability insurance should kick in to cover the damage to the other vehicle because the canoe was originally attached to your car. (Photo provided by: iStock)













3. You get in a wreck while you're towing your boat.

You could be sunk if you haven't purchased insurance for your boat. Most car insurance policies will provide liability coverage for the trailer, but not comprehensive and collision coverage, Gusner says. Instead, you'll need to purchase boat insurance. Some boat policies also include roadside assistance, which may cover both your trailer and the car you use to tow your trailer and boat. (Photo provided by: wcvb.com)