Tim Cook's Biggest Failure at Apple

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- This is the new normal:

With that rhetorically implanted in mind, body and spirit ... let's predict some more crap before it happens.

I spend a ton of my main and spare time wondering about what's coming from Apple (AAPL) and what's next for Internet radio and the music industry.

Even though its focus has always been, remains and should always be on hardware, it's clear Apple has goggly eyes (pun intended) on doing more somehow ... somewhere else. We just don't know exactly where it plans to attack. Some smart money, however, goes on the Internet radio space it meaningfully entered with iTunes Radio. Outside of the now-forgotten Apple Maps debacle, iTunes Radio should go down as Tim Cook's biggest failure as Apple CEO to date. 

When you consider that the $0.99 a la carte digital download single kicked off what is now a $4.6 billion business (that's the iTunes Store, App Store, Mac App Store and iBooks Store combined, as of last quarter), you have faith that Apple can transform the music industry once again. Apple constructed more than an e-commerce powerhouse with iTunes. There's lots beyond direct retail companies such as Apple (and Amazon.com (AMZN)) can do with the data they collect. The to-do list could resurrect iTunes and give iTunes Radio new life, but it can also lift the music industry from its present state of atrophy if record labels and other key cogs in the machine play their cards right.

Here's one way it could look -- a potential recipe for more Apple mindshare, extension of Apple domination and resuscitation of the music industrial complex.

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