NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Best Buy (BBY) continues to transform itself into the coolest flea market, maybe ever. In case you missed it, starting in mid-May...

Sony: approximately 350 Best Buy locations will be reconfigured to include 400-square foot Sony (SNE) experience shops. Situated in the back of the stores, these shops will educate consumers navigating Best Buy's sales floor on why they need to upgrade to a 4K television from a 1080p and should also include a shiny, new Playstation 4 to serve as a living room entertainment hub before heading for the checkout. Sony will train the Best Buy blue shirts (what the company calls its employees).

Samsung: television and audio shops that have quite the modern feel will be opened in 500 Best Buy stores by the end of the summer. Similar to the Sony shops, Samsung will be showing its newest technologies in televisions and audio via trained blue shirts.

Am I surprised by Best Buy FINALLY striving to replace its unproductive, and confusing on the eye giant TV wall? Nope, I foreshadowed that development here in a post titled "Why the Truth on Best Buy's Giant TV Wall is on the Giant Wall" on my firm Belus Capital Advisors' homepage March 9. What, you think I get paid to sit behind a computer? Guess again, high quality research (in this example, on a retailer) is done by pondering the fundamental unknowns that could influence a company's stock price in the future, and then working contacts for legal intelligence.

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