Nuveen Investments, a leading global provider of investment services to institutions as well as individual investors, today announced that 84 Nuveen closed-end funds declared regular monthly distributions. These funds represent a broad range of tax-exempt, taxable fixed and floating rate income investment strategies for investors seeking to build sophisticated and diversified long-term investment portfolios for cash flow. The funds’ monthly distributions are listed below.

The following dates apply to today's distribution declarations for the following Closed-End Funds:
Record Date           May 15, 2014
Ex-Dividend Date May 13, 2014
Payable Date June 2, 2014
Reinvest Date June 2, 2014
            Monthly Tax-Free Distribution Per Share
  Change From
Amount   Previous Month


Fund Name
NXP Select Portfolio $.0525 -
NXQ Select Portfolio 2 $.0525 -
NXR Select Portfolio 3 $.0525 -
NUV Municipal Value $.0360 -
NUW Municipal Value 2 $.0670 -
NMI Municipal Income $.0450 -
NIM Select Maturities $.0285 -

Leveraged Funds

NPI Premium Income $.0720 -
NPP Performance Plus $.0770 -
NMA Advantage $.0670 -
NMO Market Opportunity $.0670 -
NQM Investment Quality $.0800 -
NQI Quality Municipal $.0620 -
NQS Select Quality $.0665 -
NQU Quality Income $.0685 -
NIO Municipal Opportunity $.0730 -
NPF Premier $.0720 -
NPM Premium Income 2 $.0720 -
NPT Premium Income 4 $.0680 -
NAD Dividend Advantage $.0740 -
NEA AMT-Free Municipal Income $.0685 -
NXZ Dividend Advantage 2 $.0695 -
NZF Dividend Advantage 3 $.0595 -
NVG Dividend Advantage Municipal $.0580 -
NMZ High Income Opportunity Fund $.0760 -
NEV Enhanced Municipal Value Fund $.0800 -
NID Int. Duration Municipal Term Fund $.0570 -
NIQ Int. Duration Quality Municipal Term Fund $.0495 -

NCA CA Municipal Value $.0390 -
NKX CA AMT-Free Municipal Income $.0700 -
NCP Performance Plus $.0790 -
NCO Market Opportunity $.0800 -
NQC Investment Quality $.0770 -
NVC Select Quality $.0830 -
NUC Quality Income $.0850 -
NCU Premium Income $.0700 -
NAC Dividend Advantage $.0740 -
NVX Dividend Advantage 2 $.0750 -
NZH Dividend Advantage 3 $.0670 -
NXC CA Select Portfolio $.0570 -
NCB CA Municipal Value 2 $.0650 -

New York
NRK AMT-Free Municipal Income $.0690 -
NNP Performance Plus $.0710 -
NAN Dividend Advantage $.0630 -
NXK Dividend Advantage 2 $.0550 -
NXN NY Select Portfolio $.0495 -
NNY NY Municipal Value $.0325 -
NYV NY Municipal Value 2 $.0545 -

Other State Funds
NAZ AZ Premium Income $.0655 -
NTC CT Premium Income $.0570 -
NKG GA Dividend Advantage 2 $.0535 -
NMT MA Premium Income $.0555 -
NMB MA Dividend Advantage $.0540 -
NGX Insured MA Tax-Free Advantage $.0480 -
NMY MD Premium Income $.0555 -
NUM MI Quality Income $.0740 -
NOM MO Premium Income $.0610 -
NNC NC Premium Income $.0503 -
NQJ NJ Investment Quality $.0670 -
NNJ NJ Premium Income $.0710 -
NXJ NJ Dividend Advantage $.0605 -
NUJ NJ Dividend Advantage 2 $.0575 -
NJV NJ Municipal Value $.0520 -
NUO OH Quality Income $.0800 -
NQP PA Investment Quality $.0730 -
NPN PA Municipal Value $.0530 -
NTX TX Quality Income $.0580 -
NPV VA Premium Income $.0615 -

Monthly Taxable Distribution Per Share

Closed-End Funds:
  Change From


Taxable Funds
Amount   Previous Quarter

Preferred Securities
JTP Quality Preferred Income Fund $.0520 -
JPS Quality Preferred Income Fund 2 $.0550 -
JHP Quality Preferred Income Fund 3 $.0520 -
JPC Preferred Income Opportunities Fund $.0633 -
JPI Preferred and Income Term Fund $.1580 -
JPW Nuveen Flexible Investment Income Fund $.1260 -

Floating Rate: Corporate Loans
NSL Senior Income Fund $.0360 -
JFR Floating Rate Income Fund $.0615 -
JRO Floating Rate Income Opportunity Fund $.0645 -
JSD Short Duration Credit Opportunities Fund $.1140 -
JQC Credit Strategies Income Fund $.0525 -

Mortgage-Backed Securities
JLS Mortgage Opportunity Term Fund $.1265 -
JMT Mortgage Opportunity Term Fund 2 $.1275 -

Taxable Municipal
NBB Build America Bond Fund $.1160 -
NBD Build America Bond Opportunity Fund $.1140 -

Real Assets
JRI Real Asset Income and Growth $.1345 -

The following dates apply to today's distribution declarations for the following MTP Shares:
Record Date       May 15, 2014    
Ex-Dividend Date May 13, 2014
Payable Date June 2, 2014


MuniFund Term Preferred

Monthly Tax-FreeDistribution Per Share
NAN PrC Nuveen New York Dividend Advantage Municipal Fund MTP .022500
NAN PrD Nuveen New York Dividend Advantage Municipal Fund MTP .020833
NCU PrC Nuveen California Premium Income Municipal Fund MTP .016667
NGX PrC Nuveen Massachusetts AMT-Free Municipal Income Fund MTP .022083
NMB PrC Nuveen Massachusetts Dividend Advantage Municipal Fund MTP .021667
NMT PrC Nuveen Massachusetts Premium Income Municipal Fund MTP .022083
NMT PrD Nuveen Massachusetts Premium Income Municipal Fund MTP .022917
NOM PrC Nuveen Missouri Premium Income Municipal Fund MTP .017500
NTX PrC Nuveen Texas Quality Income Municipal Fund MTP .019167
NUJ PrC Nuveen New Jersey Dividend Advantage Municipal Fund 2 MTP .016667
NXK PrC Nuveen New York Dividend Advantage Municipal Fund 2 MTP .021250

Monthly distributions from Nuveen's municipal closed-end funds and portfolios are generally exempt from regular Federal income taxes, and monthly distributions of single-state municipal funds and portfolios are also exempt from state and, in some cases, local income taxes for in-state residents. Unless otherwise stated in the funds' objectives, monthly distributions of the municipal funds and portfolios may be subject to the Federal Alternative Minimum Tax for some shareholders.*

All of Nuveen’s closed-end funds seek to pay stable distributions at rates that reflect each fund’s past results and projected future performance. During certain periods, each fund may pay distributions at a rate that may be more or less than the amount of net investment income actually earned by the fund during the period. If a fund cumulatively earned more than it has paid in distributions, it holds the excess in reserve as undistributed net investment income (UNII) as part of the fund’s net asset value (NAV). Conversely, if a fund has cumulatively paid distributions in excess of its earnings, the excess constitutes negative UNII that is likewise reflected in the fund’s NAV. Each fund will, over time, pay all of its net investment income as distributions to shareholders. The funds’ positive or negative UNII balances are disclosed from time to time in their periodic shareholder reports, and are also on

In addition, distributions for certain funds investing in real estate investment trusts (REITs) may later be characterized as capital gains and/or a return of capital, depending on the character of the dividends reported to each fund after year-end by REIT securities held by each fund. The Nuveen preferred securities funds, JTP, JPS and JHP may invest in REITs; a list of funds that are likely to be affected by re-characterization is posted to each January, and updated tax characteristics are posted to the web site and mailed to shareholders via form 1099-DIV during the first quarter of the year.

Nuveen Investments provides high-quality investment services designed to help secure the long-term goals of institutional and individual investors as well as the consultants and financial advisors who serve them. Nuveen Investments markets a wide range of specialized investment solutions which provide investors access to capabilities of its high-quality boutique investment affiliates—Nuveen Asset Management, LLC, Symphony Asset Management LLC, NWQ Investment Management Company, LLC, Santa Barbara Asset Management, LLC, Tradewinds Global Investors, LLC, Winslow Capital Management, LLC and Gresham Investment Management LLC, all of which are registered investment advisers and subsidiaries of Nuveen Investments, Inc. Funds distributed by Nuveen Securities, LLC., a subsidiary of Nuveen Investments, Inc. In total, Nuveen Investments managed nearly $221 billion as of December 31, 2013. For more information, please visit the Nuveen Investments website at

* Nuveen does not provide tax advice; consult a professional tax advisor regarding your specific tax situation.

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