Yahoo! Set to Crush YouTube

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- I might not score (ultimately meaningless and often obvious) Yahoo! (YHOO)-related "scoops," but I reckon I've got a relatively strong handle on what matters to the company's future.

And, really, whether you're an investor, smart generalist observer or both, it does you zero good when a reporter hijacks internal memos as sport. It's fun to watch Re/Code's Kara Swisher troll Yahoo!, but there's little, if any, value in the fruits of her -- granted -- impressive labor. Reporting on what's going to happen a few hours before it happens tends not to matter much over the long haul.

Then there's the rest of us ...

We want to understand what might be going on at a company. And, at Yahoo!, there's so much more than what the media spends its time obsessing over.

Greatest hits that'll go down as one-hit wonders ranging from Yahoo! would suck if it were not for Alibaba to Yahoo! Mail blows to Hey! Yahoo!'s going to do original programming because ... cue regurgitated headline/talking point ... it wants to find the next "House of Cards" (!!)

All fodder and filler, but very little substance.

Here at TheStreet, I've been hot on the trail of a main Yahoo! focus before the media got around to realizing it was a main Yahoo! focus. And that's because most everybody else was obsessed with the aforementioned "story" lines.

The media piled into its echo chamber, took the easy way out and -- until Yahoo! explicitly called it to their attention this week -- pretty much ignored Yahoo! Screen. That's weak. Particularly because Yahoo! Screen stands a snowball's chance in Buffalo, New York of formidably challenging a(nother) Google (GOOG) property unsure of exactly what it is -- YouTube.

First the necessary background if you care to review or are just coming in on the story. Then, on Page Two, an introductory thought or three on what Yahoo! could do via Yahoo! Screen and why it's so powerful.

The first article where I predict Yahoo! will move aggressively into the largely untapped live concert streaming space -- Marissa Mayer's Biggest Game Changer Yet (December 9, 2013).

A follow-up where I discuss why/how Yahoo! can differentiate itself and do online video better than YouTube and Netflix (NFLX) -- Yahoo!, Not Netflix, Is the TV Industry Disruptor (December 16, 2013).

A deeper look at Yahoo! Screen -- Investors Should Focus on Yahoo! Screen, Not Mail (December 18, 2013).

Most recent on Yahoo!'s brilliant move into live concert streaming -- Marissa Mayer Just Made Her Best Move Yet As Yahoo! CEO (April 30, 2014).

That last link segues nicely into Page Two and how Yahoo! video -- to be led, at least from my perspective, by live concert streaming -- is only in its infancy and could become the Web's most dynamic streaming media portal.

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