Platinum (PPLT) gained 0.61% and held support at $1,400 on strong volume.

We have a powerful two-day bar combo that tells me the chances of Monday being a nice up day are quite high.

$1,430 is a buy level for platinum, and ideally gold and silver should be breaking out as well since they do lead.

Palladium (PALL) gained a nice 1.68% last week and looks great for higher prices Monday.

Last weekend I thought palladium was a nice looking short trade, since it had some catching up to do to the other metals. But it never came to be, as gold and silver held crucial support.

We have a nice two-bar combo. That tells me we are going higher right now, as we are closing on resistance at $810.

Palladium will be near highs at $850 in no time, from what I can see in this and the other metals charts.

What a change a week can make! That's what makes this trading game so exciting.

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