Wall Street Webcasting Presents: Wells Fargo Securities: “Markets Remain “Fed-Driven” As Yellen’s Remarks Alleviate Concerns Of An Early Rate Hike”

Wall Street Webcasting has prepared and provided for you an exclusive broadcast of Wells Fargo Securities own, Rich Gordon. Gordon is highly recognized for his weekly narrates regarding the fixed income strategy at Wells Fargo Securities ( NYSE: WFC). This week, Gordon concentrates on the Fed Chairman’s contradictory remarks regarding the market.

Mrs. Yellen commented on several issues concerning the market. The Wells Fargo economic analysts believe that some of her key points were open for interpretation. For example, Mrs. Yellen expressed why the labor market is lax. The labor market in the U.S. is still not as strong as it could be. The problem remains that people are out of work as a result of the downsizing that occurred throughout the recession. This is a prime example of how using monetary policy to address structural problems in the economy is detrimental, as opposed to using fiscal policy to solve these issues.

Another key dispute taken from Mrs. Yellen’s speech is whether or not inflation was heading back towards the Fed’s target level of 2%. Yellen was unsure of the definite answer to this question, but suggests that the Fed needed to implement the necessary policies to guarantee that it does happen.

Lastly, Mrs. Yellen expressed her thoughts on what would push economic recovery off track. She believes that fiscal drag, an overflow from sovereign debts in the Euro area, and an acknowledgment that the financial crisis has caused major structural damage to the system, have all had major impacts on the progress of the economy. She commented that these things were bound to occur again, and that the FOMC must be able to respond appropriately.

To hear a more in-depth explanation of the Fed Chairman’s recent commentary and the effects on the economic data, please tune into Wells Fargo Securities’ latest video.

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