5 Stories You Can't Miss About Big Pharma, Facebook: StockTwits

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Each day we see thousands of links shared on StockTwits. The diversity is incredible, with links to articles, blog posts, charts and videos. We combed through the StockTwits stream today and found these five stories that you have to see. 

1. The American public still isn't interested in the stock market, though the S&P 500 is up roughly 116% since 2009. Take a look at this link:

Great story by @ben_rooney on how 73% of Americans still don't want to invest in stocks http://stks.co/h0WX2 $SPX $SPY via @cnnmoneyinvest

-- Ryan Detrick (@RyanDetrick) Apr. 22 at 10:23 AM

2. Goldman Sachs released a note about M&A activity in the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors. It essentially hints that the entire industry is entering a phase of mega deals. They might be right, too. Novartis (NVS), GlaxoSmithKline  (GSK) and Eli Lilly  (LLY) recently swapped billions in assets like a game of Uno:

Here's my graphic that summarizes the $NVS $GSK $LLY deal: http://stks.co/i0WPI

-- Brad Loncar (@bradloncar) Apr. 22 at 09:06 AM

Here's the $GSK PR - so $GSK and $NVS are going to create a new consumer healthcare business too. 3-way transaction. http://stks.co/a0Sih

-- Brad Loncar (@bradloncar) Apr. 22 at 01:31 AM

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