Splunk Software Helps New York Air Brake Provide The U.S. Railroad Industry Potential To Save $1 Billion

Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ:SPLK), provider of the leading software platform for real-time operational intelligence, today announced that New York Air Brake (NYAB) is using Splunk® Enterprise to index, monitor, analyze and visualize sensor data from more than 5,000 locomotives, leading to safer railways and significant cost savings for U.S. rail companies. Splunk software is being used by LEADER®, NYAB’s advanced train control system that alerts engineers about ideal driving conditions and defines better driver strategies to save money. NYAB reports that the system gives the U.S. railroads the potential to save up to $1 billion in fuel and other costs. Watch the New York Air Brakes video and read the case study to learn more about NYAB’s ride with Splunk software.

“Splunk software significantly enhances LEADER’s capabilities to help railroads improve safety while also uncovering massive savings. Our customers have the potential to save a combined one billion dollars a year in fuel and other costs,” said Greg Hrebek, director of engineering at NYAB’s Train Dynamic Systems Division. “With Splunk Enterprise, we can capture a variety of sensor data right off the rails in real time, then analyze and correlate it to discover hidden ways to define the best driver strategies. This might range from warning an engineer to back off the throttle five percent to increase fuel efficiency or alerting an engineer that gravitational forces threaten to create a dangerous situation a few miles down the track. This is the Internet of Things at its finest.”

NYAB leverages Splunk software to analyze train forces, fuel activity, engineer driving behavior, rail track topography, weather conditions and other key performance perimeters that deliver real-time and historical insights for improved train safety and performance optimization. Currently in operation with a number of Class I railroads, NYAB reports that its LEADER system is delivering fuel savings in the range of eight to 12 percent, amounting to a tremendous reduction in fuel budgets, emissions, and maintenance for the railroad companies.

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