5 Eco-Friendly Spa Treatments Inspired by Earth Day

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Tomorrow is Earth Day, and each year more than a billion people in 190 countries mark the day with outdoor activities or action events.

In honor of Earth Day, organizations across the country from NASA to the National Park Service to the Sierra Club are sponsoring events aimed at getting people outdoors enjoying nature.

NASA, for instance, is asking people to go somewhere outside, take a "selfie" and share it on social media with the hashtag #GlobalSelfie. The pictures will be used by the space agency to create a mosaic image of people's faces in outdoor places.

Meanwhile, luxury spas are hoping to entice you indoors in honor of Earth Day and long afterward by playing up nature-based, eco-friendly or organic earth-to-spa ingredients.

Luxe spas in the wine growing regions surrounding the Finger Lakes are touting wine wraps made of local grapes, while spas with their own rooftop gardens and beehives are promoting treatments using homemade ingredients.

Earth Day may be a good excuse to try these treatments, but really, they can be enjoyed anytime in honor of Mother Earth.

Here are a few eco-friendly treatments worth checking out:

The Guerlain Spa in the Towers of the Waldorf Astoria in New York City

This chic spa recently unveiled an array of all-natural skincare services featuring pure royal bee jelly, which is known for tightening pores and reducing the appearance wrinkles.

To advance the Earth-friendly experience even further, Guerlain Spa recently introduced the "Urban Island Escape," a package of treatments that includes a toning body mask, body scrub and a moisturizing massage, all of which emphasize use of all-natural coconut oil, honey and sugar. Sounds more like a recipe for the kitchen then the spa, but that's what the eco-spa movement is all about -- natural ingredients.

This spa's roof-to-spa movement also includes a "Milk, Haute Honey and Rooftop Herbs" manicure and pedicure that, in addition to using the hotel's honey, uses homegrown herbs such as rosemary from the Waldorf's 20th-floor garden.

Cynde Montilla, the spa's lead massage specialist, says honey in particular is making a big comeback in the spa world right now.

"Cleopatra used honey for her skin," Montilla says. "Super old remedies are coming back. We're going back to what we knew worked, instead of synthetic stuff."

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