Google Now Allows You To Control Any Computer Using Android

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- If you've ever left an important document on your home or office computer, you know how frustrating it is trying to retrieve it. Now, with the help of Google, you're no longer stuck.

Yesterday, Google (GOOG) released "Chrome Remote Desktop for Android" devices. It's an app you install on your Android smartphone or tablet that allows you full access to your home or office computer files through a Chrome browser.

The new app is free for Android phones and tablets and allows entry into computers running Microsoft (MSFT) Windows, as well as Apple's  (AAPL) OS X.

Users need to have the Chrome browser installed on your home and/or office computer. Next, you need to download, install and configure the Remote Desktop applet for the browser from Google's Chrome Store. The set-up includes providing a numerical "password" to allow access to that computer. In all, it should take less than three minutes to do all this.

For the record, there was extra software I needed to install when setting-up Google's Remote Desktop and the Chrome browser on a MacBook running OS X 10.7.5.

Once that's done, it's time to install the Android half of the deal. It's best done in advance when both the target PC and Android device are both connected to the same home/office Wi-fi network making it easy for both to find each other for their first encounter.

You need to download the Remote Control app to your Android phone or tablet - install it - allow it to find the computer running the Remote Desktop software - type in that numerical password and you're all set. You can set the system so you won't need to type in that password each time you need access.

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