Could a Nasdaq correction benefit these 8 value stocks?

​James Dennin, Kapitall: Value investors pick up shares during market corrections. Could Nasdaq's performance benefit these 9 value stocks?

Everyone's talking about the Nasdaq, which neared correction territory yesterday as it dipped below 4000 during midday trading.

A correction is when a stock, index, bond, or commodity declines 10% or more, and the most apparent catalyst is high valuations. In other words, they happen when investors stop buying stocks because the prices are too high. 

This is the value investor's time to shine.

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A market correction often creates cheaper prices throughout the stock market, regardless of individual companies' performance. So it's easier to find stocks whose fundamentals will support a higher stock price. 

Analysts have been expecting a correction all year. Markets usually adjust briefly any time the S&P 500 has a year where it returns 20% or more, and 2013's performance yielded over 30%. 

For all you value investors out there, we decided to run a screen on the Nasdaq for likely rebound candidates. To do that we started with companies that were still up for the month. This datum suggests that they were among the least likely to be affected by the Nasdaq's downturn. 

To narrow the screen further, we plugged that list of 200 stocks into a screener to see which ones were trading at least 15% below their Graham Number. This means that the stock is trading at a price which doesn't match the value of the company's assets. We limited the screen by removing financial stocks, which were already undervalued, and stocks with a market cap below $200 million.

That left us with 9 companies on our list. 

Click on the interactive chart to view data over time. 

 Will a Nasdaq correction benefit these 9 value stocks? Use the list below to begin your analysis. 

1. Handy & Harman Ltd. ( HNH): Engages in precious metals, tubing, and engineered materials businesses in the United States and internationally. Market cap at $280.50M, most recent closing price at $22.07.

Diluted TTM earnings per share at 3.17, and a MRQ book value per share value at 10.31, implies a Graham Number fair value = sqrt(22.5*3.17*10.31) = $27.12.

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