Ignore the Haters: Marissa Mayer Is Doing Incredibly Well at Yahoo!

When you're done reading this, see Chris Ciaccia's Has Marissa Mayer Done Enough?  for yet another (sensible) take (with context) on Yahoo! 

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- I included an expletive in the headline of my Wednesday morning article singing the praises of Yahoo! (YHOO) and Marissa Mayer.

That was a mistake. Not for any ethical reason, but because the expletive limited distribution of the article. That's how things go in the uptight world of financial media. Even worse, it allowed this train wreck of something kind of, sort of, possibly resembling thought -- It's Time to Sell Yahoo! or something -- to climb the charts.

I can't believe it got by our editors, let alone to the top of the most-viewed articles list for a second. I need to debunk it -- point-by-point -- because it's dangerous. It's the type of article that makes a bold statement then does absolutely nothing quantitatively or qualitatively to back it up.

First, the author regurgitates the morning's talking points -- Yahoo!'s all about Alibaba and Yahoo!'s not growing very fast. That's the foundation, I guess, for his suggestion to sell YHOO stock. Not something sensible like it's had a nice run and it's always nice to take profits. No ... it's Here's what everybody else is saying this morning. I'm saying it again. And, with that, make a buy/sell decision on YHOO.

That's the long and short of it (pun intended) because nothing that follows in that "article" backs up the sell YHOO contention.

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