Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Is the Everything Man

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- While investors may be tiring of Amazon's (AMZN) act, CEO Jeff Bezos is going into overdrive.

He wants to be Steve Jobs. He wants to be Warren Buffett. He wants to be Paypal and to turn Amazon into Kroger (KR). 

He wants to make your phone 3-D. He wants to be Citizen Kane.

For starters.

What's most amazing is that Bezos is succeeding with each one of these ambitions, and more. All this after becoming a retailing giant to rival Costco (COST) and a cloud giant to rival Google (GOOG).

Take the Steve Jobs act. The Kindle e-book reader was followed by the Kindle Fire tablet, the Fire TV set-top box was announced in the last month and now he's talking up a phone that could display 3-D images without special glasses.

That's pretty Jobs-ian.

Or take Citizen Kane. They laughed when Bezos paid $250 million for The Washington Post. What he got was not a newspaper, but a national media brand, one that was on the verge of winning a Pulitzer Prize.

So he's now leveraging the national footprint through a deal with "local" papers to piggyback the Post on their paywalls and build an Internet video brand around it. 

Orson Welles' fictional hero could have barely kept up.

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