E-Trade Ditches the Baby for Kevin Spacey

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- The baby is gone.

Online brokerage E-Trade Financial ( (ETFC)) got a lot of play out of its commercials with its talking baby. But the ubiquitous ads, which also appeared in six football Super Bowls, are ending. Instead of a grownup baby, E-Trade plans on showing off its mobile capabilities and product offerings through a new campaign with baby-faced grownup Kevin Spacey in an appeal to a different generation.

In a commercial that aired during the NCAA basketball March Madness tournament, the E-Trade baby, voiced by Pete Holmes, walked off the set rather than work with a new cat sidekick. The commercial and subsequent YouTube video, which gained 191,000 views and counting, directs viewers to babyquits.com, which, in turn, re-directs to the E-Trade baby's Facebook page where he posted: "All good memories, E-Trade. I gave you the best year of my life."

The E-Trade baby was created by Grey Global Group, E-Trade's advertising agency since 2007. The funny ads were seen by 500 million to 750 million people and have gone viral many times.

But E-Trade changed its mind on the tot. For starters, the company did not run any Super Bowl commercials this year, which might be because Grey Global resigned the account in 2013 after E-Trade said it was launching an agency review.

E-Trade's new advertising company is Ogilvy & Mather. The venerable ad agency has 14 years of experience working with rival TD Ameritrade (AMTD) and will now fashion ads around Spacey, veteran actor and current star of the Netflix ( (NFLX)) show House of Cards.

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