James Levin, 'Exec MD' At Och-Ziff Earns $119M In 2013

And you think Jamie Dimon and the other bank CEOs make a lot? Well I guess they do, but its nothing compared to the compensation which James Levin of Och Ziff ( OZM) is getting. Greg Zuckerman of the WSJ who made this discovery notes:

In 2012, James Levin, a then 30-year old trader at Och-Ziff Capital Management LLC, turned heads with a bet of more than $7.5 billion on "structured credit" debt investments, or about a quarter of the money the firm managed when the investments were made.

So what does James Levin do? Mr. Levin, 31, “who goes by Jimmy” according to Zuckerman now carries the titles of head of global credit and an executive managing director at Och-Ziff.

See more details below from the 14A below.

PS where can we apply?

Summary Compensation Table for 2013

The following table provides summary information concerning the compensation of our Named Executive Officers, who include our Chief Executive Officer, our Chief Financial Officer and each of our three other most highly compensated employees who served as executive officers for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2013.

Name and Principal Position Year Salary
Incentive Plan
All Other
Daniel Och5Chief Executive Officer,Executive Managing Director 2013 21,135,145 1,203,064 22,238,209
2012 1,285,927 1,285,927
2011 10,485,533 484,878 10,970,411
Joel M. Frank6 2013 4,120,459 936,482 368,094 63,357 5,488,392
Chief Financial Officer, Senior Chief Operating Officer,Executive Managing Director 2012 66,693 66,693
2011 464,600 43,700 508,300
David Windreich7Head of U.S. and European Investing,Executive Managing Director 2013 6,000,000 4,889,875 715,560 80,415 11,685,850
2012 75,631 75,631
2011 2,425,948 65,520 2,491,468
James Levin8 2013 118,854,312 64,617 118,918,929
Head of Global Credit,Executive Managing Director
Zoltan Varga9Head of Asian Investing, Executive Managing Director 2013 200,000 7,762,517 1,764,233 693,451 88,151 10,508,352
2012 200,000 55,943 255,943
2011 200,000 875,259 47,876 1,123,135

1 The "Bonus" column reflects the cash portion of the Performance Award made to the individual under the PIP. The PIP is described in more detail above under the heading "Partner Incentive Plan."

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-By Jacob Wolinsky

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