ChannelAdvisor Corporation (NYSE:ECOM), a leading provider of cloud-based e-commerce solutions that enable retailers and manufacturers to increase global sales, today announced support for Google Merchant Promotions, a program that enhances Google Product Listing Ads with discount offers. ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing offers technology to streamline retailers’ participation in Google Merchant Promotions and help accelerate the success of Product Listing Ads for online retailers. According to Google, Merchant Promotions can increase click-through rates by as much as seven percent.

“Google Merchant Promotions are a great way for retailers to enhance their Product Listing Ads with special pricing information,” said ChannelAdvisor Senior Product Manager Jackie Jenkins. “ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing allows retailers to create Google Merchant Promotions and associate them with the right products in one simple workflow. This eliminates the need to manually generate and send a separate product feed or manually update Google Merchant Center feeds. Using ChannelAdvisor, retailers input promotion details and indicate which products are associated with the promotion. It’s that easy.”

Google Merchant Promotions help to improve conversions by advertising specific reasons for consumers to make an immediate purchase. There is no additional charge to include promotions with Product Listing Ads, but only certain types of promotions are supported, including discounts, gift offers and “buy more, save more” deals. Just as with Product Listing Ads, Merchant Promotions appear on Google search results pages as well as Google Shopping. Using ChannelAdvisor, retailers can create and stop promotions, assign inventory and update Google all within one platform. Automated and simplified campaign execution enables ChannelAdvisor customers to maximize results on Google as well as many other digital marketing channels.

ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing allows sellers to get their products front and center on global, local or mobile search engine results pages through Google Product Listing Ads, paid search ads and comparison shopping engines. Digital Marketing employs Flex Feed technology, so advertisers can easily explore additional feed-based destinations such as retargeting providers and affiliate networks, as well as benefit from SKU-level performance reporting across those programs. Once traffic hits sellers’ websites, ChannelAdvisor can help improve the buyer experience and optimize the path to conversion. Finally, Digital Marketing inserts retailers’ products into the conversation on social media as consumers discover and discuss products via sites such as Pinterest and Facebook.

ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing joins ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces, Webstores Amplifier and Rich Media to complete the ChannelAdvisor platform. Through this platform, ChannelAdvisor offers retailers and manufacturers leading cloud-based solutions to efficiently automate and manage the online selling process across multiple channels, including third-party marketplaces and digital marketing channels such as paid search ads and comparison shopping engines. Through a single inventory feed, ChannelAdvisor customers can manage their overall online selling process, from listing to order management, from one platform. By eliminating the tedious tasks of optimizing online listings and analyzing performance, ChannelAdvisor enables sellers to increase sales and successfully scale their e-commerce businesses.

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