Consumers Think Verizon, T-Mobile Offer Most Value

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- A newly released consumer survey concluded that  Verizon Wireless ( VZ) and T-Mobile ( TMUS) are the two cellular phone carriers delivering the most "bang for the buck."

The YouGov BrandIndex measures such things and found Verizon and T-Mobile lead the pack when it comes to perceived consumer value.

The study showed Verizon's latest "More Everything" service plans have been offering reduced rates since mid-February but can't compete with T-Mobile's unlimited data "Uncarrier" plans. The overall result is a virtual tie in the latest BrandIndex "Value" score.

The perception of AT&T's (T) service value has reportedly been rising steadily since the beginning of the year. Sprint  (S) currently remains in fourth place in the survey.

Surveyed users also were asked which carrier would they jump to if and when they're ready to switch. T-Mobile leads the pack with AT&T edging-up into second place. Verizon and Sprint, in third and fourth places respectively, showed large declines.

A few days ago, BlackBerry (BBRY) announced it was ending its sales contract with T-Mobile. It was clearly annoyed at T-Mobile's recent offers of special deals to BlackBerry users willing to trade-in their old phones for something new and different. Now, those users have no choice.

So T-Mobile has a new offer: a $100 rebate for current BlackBerry users when they switch to any other phone. That includes upgrading to a new BlackBerry model (a great way to get rid of current stock). In an open letter to his company's current Blackberry users, T-Mobile CEO John Legere wrote he was saddened by the break-up and told subscribers his company was ready to "stand-by" them.

Not to be outdone by the competition, Sprint is also offering special deals to customers to switch. S4GO reported Sprint is planning trade-in rebates and service credits to cover early termination fees if potential subscribers choose its new "Framily" plan. Sprint's new deal is said to begin Friday and will run through May 8.

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