Personal Hovercraft Lets You Rise Above Gridlock (and Everything Else)

SAN DIEGO (TheStreet) -- A traffic-snarled commute to work isn't fun for anyone.

But for most of us, there are only a few alternatives -- carpool, bike, public transportation or perhaps scrapping the drive altogether to telecommute.

For those with deep pockets, however, the luxury set for whom money is no object, Mercier-Jones is proposing another alternative: The hovercraft.

Think of Luke Skywalker's vehicle in Star Wars and you're not far off, except the Mercier-Jones version is far more modern, sleek and sportier, like a hovering Tesla or Ferrari.

"We are pleased to lift the veil on the future of personal transportation," says Mercier-Jones CEO and co-founder Michael Mercier, who boasts that his hybrid-electric hovercraft, which sells for $75,000, is going to revolutionize personal transportation.

The vehicle is not yet street legal, but that hasn't slowed initial sales of the just-launched craft. The first 10 pre-ordered vehicles will be delivered to customers May 15, says Mercier-Jones' James Toland. Orders have come from all over the country and world -- Atlanta, Ga.; Houston, Texas; and Lake Geneva, Wis.; as well as Dubai, Russia, China, Germany and the U.K.

After delivery, Mercier-Jones will make another 50.

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