Peer Reviewed Article Puts The Focus On Infections From Conventional Endoscopes

Vision-Sciences' EndoSheath® Technology Offers a Solution

ORANGEBURG, N.Y., April 3, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A recent peer reviewed article published March 19, 2014 in The BMJ* by Steve Brozak and Anne Marie Noronha again establishes a case for an alternative to the conventional endoscope cleaning process and reviews why conventional cleaning puts patients at risk of infection. The publication, " A 21st century nosocomial issue with endoscopes," identifies the sterile, disposable EndoSheath ® Technology from Vision-Sciences as a safe, cost-effective alternative to conventional flexible endoscopes.

Key points stated in the BMJ article:
  • Reprocessing conventional flexible endoscopes is "time consuming, labor intensive, expensive and, most importantly, susceptible to failure."
  • Due to "limited surveillance, limited reporting, and lack of immediate clinical symptoms of patients," experts agree that cross-contamination is significantly under-reported.
  • Infections "resulting from scope contamination breaks the trust between patients and doctors and places a financial burden on healthcare institutions."
  • Research shows that using EndoSheath Technology and its simplified cleaning and disinfection procedure offers "a vast improvement over current decontamination procedures."
  • EndoSheath Technology eliminates "unreliable and cumbersome reprocessing" of conventional endoscopes by condensing the protocol into just a few steps, and "reduces reprocessing time by up to 31 minutes."
  • Due to its design, EndoSheath Technology is "more cost effective, reduces repair costs, and decreases investment in multiple scopes that are out of operation while being cleaned."

On a recent interview on "Taking Stock with Pimm Fox," Cheryl Pegus, M.D., the lead independent director of the Board of Directors of Vision-Sciences, Inc. (Nasdaq:VSCI), says , "It's really about how do we prevent infections and Vision-Sciences technology is frankly at the right place at the right time, because we can prevent infections in endoscopy."

See Dr. Pegus on "Taking Stock with Pimm Fox:"

Vision-Sciences' patented and FDA-cleared EndoSheath Technology is the only flexible endoscopic technology on the market with a preventative solution to spreading infection. In 20 years and with over 5 million procedures performed with EndoSheath Technology, Vision-Sciences has never received a report of patient-to-patient cross-contamination.

Dr. Cheryl Pegus is available for in-person meetings or phone interviews. Please contact Keith Darragh at (845) 848-1085 for more information and to set-up an interview or a segment on your show.

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* The BMJ (formerly British Medical Journal): "A 21st century nosocomial issue with endoscopes" (Subscriber access only: | Full text (free version):
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