Amazon: A Much Stronger Company Than Apple

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- (AMZN) doesn't need to, nor does it directly intend to put the hurt on Roku or ding Apple (AAPL) TV. Any impact the new Fire TV has on Roku, Apple and other intermediary streamers -- it's all collateral damage. Because Amazon doesn't enter the space set to directly compete.

Yet it still directly competes. And quite effectively. If that makes any sense at all ... and it should if you understand the power, the glory, the ministry and the majesty of and Amazon Prime.

If anybody else unveiled Fire TV the world would chide it as a Roku or Apple TV knockoff. They would ignore the enhanced search with voice and gaming component and say Amazon's just entering the space because everybody else is there and they want a piece. Maybe some people are actually saying this. If they are I don't know because I don't pay attention to these people. They know nothing.

Of course, Amazon wants to rival (or worse) Roku and Apple. But that's not the primary reason why Amazon does what it does -- readers, tablets, a streaming box and, maybe someday, streaming radio. These things exist to contribute to the ubiquitousness of Amazon.

Now you might not experience Amazon the way I do or to the extent I do, but chances are the company enters your life in one way or another. And you're probably better off for it. Talk about a halo effect -- partake in one Amazon service and I reckon it won't be long before you dip your toes in another. It happens so naturally and seamlessly it might as well be subconscious.

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