Earnings season: 5 surging stocks reporting earnings next week

James Dennin, Kapitall: Good news from the government could benefit these 5 stocks reporting earnings next week.

Stocks are up this morning, and the prognosis from most observers is that equities have been boosted by Janet Yellen's remarks that quantitative easing will have to stay in place "for some time" as the labor market improves. 

Encouraging manufacturing data, as well growing confidence in the EU and China, have boosted the S&P 500 for its seventh consecutive quarterly gain. 

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Still, all eyes will be on the government this week. The Labor Department releases the joblessness numbers for March on April 4th.

In addition to providing clues to when QE will start winding down, the figure will provide insight into just how much the US recovery was hampered by a brutal winter. 

Depending on where you stand, good news about the job numbers could have multiple different effects on your portfolio. It's possible that investors might be spooked at the premise of sooner interest rate hikes. It's also possible that strong employment data could boost confidence world-wide. 

While the government is the focus of this week, next week will focus on the private sector: initial Q1 earnings reports from major American companies will be just as important as labor numbers. 

With what is by many accounts an overweight stock market, improved earnings will be essential to supporting higher stock prices, especially if bullish news pushes the market up even more. 

We built a list of the companies that are reporting next week, including some major names like Alcoa (AA), JP Morgan (JPM) and Wells Fargo (WFC).

We then screened these companies for who was rallying above their 20-day, 50-day, and 200-day averages. This indicates that the stock has strong momentum. Beating earnings expectations would likely support that momentum even more. 

We were left with 5 companies on our list. 

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