Greenberg: What You May Have Missed

SAN DIEGO (TheStreet) -- Here's what you may have missed over the past week, including takes on Micron, SolarCity, Zagg, Fastenal, Family Dollar, Sysco and Nu Skin.

-- Will Pricing Pressures Hit Micron?

-- Solar City Flying Too Close to Sun?

-- Logitech Taking Zagg Out of Its Misery? 

-- Why are Fastenal, Family Dollar, Sysco in One Shorts' Sights?

PRICING PRESSURES AT MICRON?: From the past week or so on my Reality Check newsletter, and the Herb on the Street blog:

When Micron (MU) reports earnings Thursday, expect a lot of focus on pricing in dynamic random-access memory (DRAM).

In a piece on Reality Check headlined, Is Micron headed for a Tumble?, the issue in focus was whether DRAM capacity is quietly increasing -- and, if so, whether prices could start to slide.

The battle lines, involving some very smart people, have been drawn: Bulls think prices could show surprising resilience, and bears don't.

But, as I wrote, the answer isn't likely to come with this quarter's earnings. This is something that, if you believe the bears, is currently evolving.

The bigger question is whether there is a new world order in memory -- in which prices are kept tight for the obvious reason -- or whether, in the end, even with industry consolidation, the dynamics of this industry from a competitive standpoint aren't likely to change.

And this update: My original piece noted a delay in the pricing at the DRAM Exchange of contract DRAMs, used in PCs. The delay suggested prices could fall further as manufacturers and customers took longer-than-usual to negotiate. After a two-week delay, prices fell just shy of 1.6%, which is a less of a slip than the decline in February. That is one reason Micron's price shot up Monday; the other is strong re-recommendation by several analysts. Typically, contract prices follow spot prices, which have been tumbling. On Monday, at least one analyst said spot prices are not as reliable an indicator as they once were. On the other hand, CLSA's Matt Evans (who is based in Korea) wrote a note reiterating his sell recommendation on DRAM maker Hynix, saying, "The structural positives of the DRAM industry have been exaggerated."

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