4 Totally Awesome April Fool's Jokes

NEW YORK (TheStreet) - April Fool's Day has officially left the office and entered cyber world. No longer are pranks the ones at the office where you accidentally sit on a whoopee cushion. Today smartphone and tech savvy goers will find no shortage of fantastic pranks via Facebook (FB) and Twitter (TWTR) newsfeeds, YouTube videos and through Google (GOOG).

Last year I almost fell off my seat reading the news (on April 1, 2013) that Peter Dinklage was leaving the cast of Game of Thrones. Thankfully that was not the case, but it goes to show how some pranks can really hit upon emotions! This year, I've already received one prank, a text with a photo of a pregnancy test saying "Pregnant" from a friend, which surprised me (in a happy way). After surfing the Web, here are a handful of favorites found for 2014.

1. Let David Hasselhoff photobomb your photos

I only wish this were real. I would totally do it. Google "introduced" Auto Awesome Photobombs on its official blog on Monday, noting that "a celebrity photobomb is the ultimate surprise, turning an ordinary photo into something extraordinary."

"Now with Auto Awesome Photobombs, you too can get a celebrity photobomb -- no red carpet required. We're starting with surprise appearances by +David Hasselhoff, everyone's favorite crime-fighting rockstar lifeguard."

Google tells users to upload their favorite photos and to leave room for "The Hoff" because he "might just make your photo a little more #Hoffsome."

2. Want to video chat with a puppy?

This one is so cute you WANT it to be true. American Well, a Boston-based telehealth services provider, is introducing Puppy Connect, a service that lets you video chat with adorable puppies.

"At American Well, we've perfected the art of connecting you with doctors over your computer, phone or tablet," Katie Ruigh, vice president of product development, says in the beginning of the YouTube video. "When we added nutritionists to our system, we saw how quickly people embraced video chatting with different types of providers. Puppies seemed like the natural next step."

As the video goes on, you realize that it is a joke. However, knowing that the elderly and sick children respond well to pet visits, it could also work for depression. I think they're on to something here.

"So we were asked to build a network of puppies. The one thing they all need to have is cute. They've got to be cute. If they're not cute, we're not hiring them," Gadi Lachman, American Well's SVP of online care networks says in the YouTube video, says later on.

For a hoot, try out the American Well beta version. It's worth the minute of your time.

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