Google Wants News Phones To Be 'Powered By Android'

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Google (GOOG) says enough is enough, as the company wants everyone to remember that its Android operating system software is what fuels the majority of smartphones on the market.

Starting with the new HTC One(M8) and Samsung's Galaxy S5, all new phones using the OS will have to prominently proclaim "Powered by Android." The offerings from HTC and Samsung already do so on their start-up screens.

The Geek Website reports the new phrase isn't optional -- Google admits it has changed its Mobile Services agreement for Android phones. It now states the Android logo must show-up during the boot process of all new Android phones. If not, those devices will not be allowed to access the Google Play app store.

Google shares were gaining more than 1% to $1,133.00 in early New York trading.

Google's mandate is understandable, as every year the company sees dozens of new Android phones reach the market, with few of them running stock Android software. Many manufacturers add their own software apps, look and feel, sometimes referred to as skins.

Looking at just the latest offerings from HTC and Samsung, they look like they run on completely different operating systems compared to the Nexus 5. All three devices use the latest version of Android - 4.4.2 (KitKat) - but all look and operate in very different ways.

Samsung adds what it calls "TouchWiz." HTC calls it's design "Sense." Others manufacturers have different names which to varying degrees change the look and feel of Android to suit their corporate needs. Those needs include directing users to different Websites and stores where they'll spend more on other-branded goods and services.

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