Peterbilt EPIQ Package Maximizes Fuel Efficiency

Peterbilt broke new ground in aerodynamic efficiency and fuel economy when it introduced its landmark Model 579 in 2012. The new EPIQ package for the Model 579 provides an optimized combination of technologies and components that allow customers to easily order and operate the most fuel efficient Model 579 available, the company announced during the Mid-America Trucking Show.

“The Model 579 was the result of the largest investment and most comprehensive development process in Peterbilt’s history. Through an extensive design and testing process, we were able to achieve new standards of fuel efficiency, overall performance and a styling and operating environment that drivers love,” said Peterbilt General Manager and PACCAR Vice President Darrin Siver.

“We continue to enhance the Model 579, as we do with our entire product lineup, and the new EPIQ package is the result of improved performance of key components and creating an optimized spec that utilizes the most fuel efficient options available for this vehicle. EPIQ is a truly intelligent choice for greater fuel efficiency.”

According to Landon Sproull, Peterbilt Chief Engineer, the EPIQ package can improve fuel efficiency of the Model 579 by up to 10 percent. “It utilizes an enhanced drivetrain – including Peterbilt’s new combination of the PACCAR MX-13 Engine and Fuller Advantage UltraShift transmission – all available aerodynamic options and optimized spec’ing through our proprietary software system used throughout our dealer network,” he said.

The EPIQ package includes:
  • Complete Aerodynamic Package: This feature combines all fairings and aerodynamically enhanced components available for the Model 579. The fairings include 18-inch sleeper side extenders with 8-inch rubber flares; full chassis fairings with rubber skirts from the quarter fender to the front of the tandem axle with rubber closeouts under the sides of the cab and sleeper; and roof fairings with an exclusive rear wall closeout. Aerodynamically enhanced components include a three-piece aero-style bumper; multi-piece aero-style hood; painted outside sun visor; and an aero-style aluminum battery box positioned on the passenger side, under the cab.
  • PACCAR MX-13 Engine: “The MX-13 was already an industry leader in fuel efficiency, performance and reliability, making it the optimum choice for the EPIQ package,” said Sproull. The MX-13 Engine delivers improved fuel economy through electronically controlled fuel injection pumps and high pressure rail technology.
  • Fuller Advantage Automated Transmission: The PACCAR MX-13 Engine is available in a new drivetrain pairing, designated as APEX, with the Fuller Advantage Automated Transmission that is part of the EPIQ model. This new combination features precise communication between the engine and transmission, as well as proprietary control logic to further enhance fuel economy. “This exclusive collaboration is developed to deliver fully integrated powertrain performance and superior fuel efficiency,” said Sproull. APEX is also available on other Peterbilt products.
  • Single Horizontal Exhaust: To further increase aerodynamic performance, the EPIQ package recommends a single horizontal exhaust configuration or a single right-hand back-of-sleeper exhaust configuration.
  • SmarTire Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS): “Incorrect tire pressure can play a significant factor in fuel efficiency so EPIQ includes the TPMS to provide operators with real-time tire pressure information,” Sproull said. TPMS monitors the pressure and temperature of each tire and will warn the operator of tire-related problems.
  • Low Rolling Resistance Tires: Another way tires can improve fuel economy is by minimizing friction between tires and the road. Low Rolling Resistance Tires are designed to do this and are available on the Model 579 spec’d with the EPIQ package.
  • Optimized Spec’ing Software: Peterbilt and its dealer network use a proprietary spec’ing system to optimize vehicle performance and exactly match customers’ business and application requirements. This software has been enhanced to complement the Model 579 EPIQ by recommending the most fuel efficient rear axle ratios and engine settings, among other options.

Based in Denton, Texas, Peterbilt Motors Company combines a global reputation for industry leading design, innovative engineering and fuel efficiency solutions, with superior quality to engineer a truck that stands as the “Class” of the industry. Through its 280-plus North American dealer locations, Peterbilt also provides a comprehensive array of aftermarket support programs to complement its full lineup of on-highway, vocational and medium duty products, including alternative fuel vehicles. Customers enjoy industry leading service and support, including preventive maintenance plans, expedited QuickCare services, automated parts inventory replenishment and 24/7 complimentary Customer Assistance through 1-800-4-Peterbilt. For more information about Peterbilt, visit

Peterbilt is a PACCAR Company, traded publicly on the NASDAQ as PCAR.

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