With or Without Apple, Google Will Crush Microsoft

**For an alternate, more bullish take on Microsoft see Chris Ciaccia's Why Microsoft Really Is Different This Time

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- I saw a promo the other day for Google (GOOG) Work. Sadly, I can't locate it or I would have inserted it here so you could see it for yourself.

However, it might be fitting that you can't see the promo. Because Google's assault on Microsoft (MSFT) continues to fly under the radar. For whatever reason, it's the most under covered story in tech ... in finance ... and for the sake of extraneous ellipses ... the world.

But it's real and it's happening. And Microsoft has no idea what to do in response. How could it possibly have a plan when it's up against a company with a core revenue stream so prolific it can afford to give everything its does beyond advertising away for free?

Google provides an entire suite of (very good) productivity applications -- that Microsoft makes people pay for -- for free or for, relatively speaking, a negligible fee.

It's curious that Apple (AAPL) hasn't been more aggressive in this area. It appeared as if it was prepared to join Google to wipe Microsoft out of the consumer and enterprise software business (just as it did the artist formerly known as RIM on smartphones).

That's where I thought Apple was headed last year when it made iWork free to iPhone and iPad buyers. I first floated the notion of Apple going after Microsoft's productivity software foothold in October 2012.

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