Cirque Energy's Fosgitt To Speak At International Biomass Conference

Richard L. Fosgitt, P.E., Vice President of Engineering and Technology for Cirque Energy, Inc. (OTCQB:EWRL) is scheduled to speak this Wednesday, March 26, 2014, at the International Biomass Conference and Exposition being held in Orlando, FL. Mr. Fosgitt will deliver a presentation titled "GASIFICATION FOR COMBINED HEAT AND POWER RENEWABLE ENERGY". Mr. Fosgitt’s presentation will begin at 10:30 am as part of Track 2 Biomass and Thermal Power.

This track will focus on the current state of biomass derived thermal energy, as well as opportunities that are being created both in and outside the United States. In addition, this track will cover the financing, design, construction and operation of grid connected power production facilities. In the U.S. alone, more than 180 facilities are currently producing electric power from biomass inputs and nearly 40 more are in various stages of development and construction. Speakers in this track will cover the industry’s most pressing technical, regulatory and legislative issues and provide attendees with a comprehensive picture on the outlook and growth potential of the biomass derived electric power sector.

Cirque Energy is working in partnership with Northrop Grumman Corporation to bring to market a Deployable Gasification Unit (DGU) that can use solid waste to provide fuel or supplement traditional fuels used to generate combined heat and power (CHP) for projects ranging in size from 100 kW to 1500 kW, specifically, waste volumes of between 1.0 to 10.0 tons per day.

Small-scale gasifiers using pure biomass (i.e. ground wood, wood pellets, etc.) are not new. Cirque’s DGU, however, will be able to use more difficult fuels that could include typical garbage/MSW, waste wood, dunnage, cardboard, plastics, mixed paper, food wastes, human waste, etc.

Traditionally, municipal solid waste (MSW) has been difficult to burn because of the release of contaminates into the air. Much of the waste currently going to landfills are carbon based and have a high heat content that when treated or processed properly can be converted to energy. Quite simply, the DGU can revolutionize the waste industry by reducing the volume of material being shipped to landfills, and at the same time, it can produce a clean, reliable form of renewable energy.

By focusing on these fuels, Cirque Energy's gasifier and gas cleanup technology has been designed to generate a clean syngas that can be co-fired in conventional diesel or natural gas internal combustion CHP engines. With sufficient supply of waste material, a commercial or industrial facility can expect to replace up to 70% of the fossil fuel consumption to power CHP engines. This effectively provides 70% of their CHP energy for free, while also eliminating a significant portion of their waste disposal expenses.

The potential market for small scale gasification coupled with traditional CHP engines is enormous. End users for portable systems could include military, third-world, and disaster assistance. In the United States, end users such as hospitals, universities, industry, and others would see obvious benefits.

About the International Biomass Conference & Expo

International Biomass Conference & Expo is organized by BBI International and produced by Biomass Magazine. This event brings current and future producers of bioenergy and biobased products together with waste generators, energy crop growers, municipal leaders, utility executives, technology providers, equipment manufacturers, project developers, investors and policy makers. It’s a true one-stop shop – the world’s premier educational and networking junction for all biomass industries is the largest, fastest-growing event of its kind. In 2014, this event is expected to draw nearly 1,600 attendees. In 2013, the event drew more than 1,200 attendees, doubling the attendance of the inaugural show. This growth is fueled by a world-class Expo and an acclaimed program.

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