I'm not a fan of network marketing and have zero desire to join one, but that doesn't mean anything to me in relation to the investment thesis. Not everyone shares my agnostic opinion between a stock and the underlying company. Not understanding that the price is what you pay, and the value is what you receive costs investors a lot of money.

Don't make the same mistake and short a stock because you don't like the company or buy because you do. Allocate your investment capital based on if you have a measurable edge compared to your counterparty.

Remember, every time you make a trade, there is someone with the exact opposite opinion as you. That's what makes a market and someone is the smart money, and the other is the dumb money. If you can't clearly articulate the advantage you have over the other party then maybe you're not the smart money in that particular situation.

Herbalife shorts face a real possibility that they will wake up one morning and find their accounts are bleeding red. Shorts buying put options to limit risk probably will lose money because the implied volatility (time premium) is so rich that even if shares fall, option decay requires that the price fall fast and hard to profit.

Stocks with over 20% short interest and already beaten lower rarely continue lower at a rapid pace when they pay an oversized dividend, profitable, and feature a low price-to-earnings multiple. In other words, the time to short was when Herbalife traded above $70. Is it possible to make money shorting now? Sure, but don't try to predict the future, try to make solid decisions based on available information.

If you want to gain exposure, think about selling call options. The option premium is rich, and a covered call will have less of a "roller coaster" impact on your portfolio.

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