5 Must-Have Baseball Apps For Opening Day

PORTLAND, Ore. TheStreet -- Major League Baseball's Opening Day is as much about sitting in the stands and staring into a screen full of statistics as it is about buying peanuts and Cracker Jack.

While we've made the argument baseball is the cheapest professional sport in the land, we admit high beer prices and ticket costs suggest it's far more of an investment than its major discount over other leagues would suggest. Fans would likely join their hockey, basketball and football counterparts in staying home and watching the whole thing on high-definition television if this wasn't the best time of year to be out at the ballgame.

Because folks will soak up the warm weather and a long game when they can, baseball's made a point of enhancing the live game experience through technology instead of using that technology to make live games obsolete. Also, the baeball season is interminable. Even if games against a rival are sold out and fetching huge prices on StubHub and elsewhere, there's always a midsummer stretch of games against cellar-dwellers or late-season games in which either the playoff picture is set or all hope is lost. Baseball's free market jacks up prices, but it has to bring them down when that demand fades in the late innings.

There has to be more than the game on the field, and the stat-oriented game within the game is a lot easier to keep track of from the nearest screen. Keeping all of the extracurriculars such as video, stats and fantasy teams in mind, we cobbled together five of the best baseball apps of the 2014 season. Even when your team isn't coming through in the clutch, these can help salvage a long season:

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