S+CC communities rely on the network to enable economic, social and environmental sustainability; and we hope that the same principles of openness that have made the Internet a thriving ecosystem over the past 20 years can be applied to make communities a smarter and connected platform. We are currently working on more than 90 Smart+Connected Communities projects around the world.

But it is extremely important that the "Internet of Everything" is not just the redefinition of the "'Internet plumbing" that is only focused on the connection of these devices. You will see the network as an Internet of Everything platform. This platform will enable critical services including sensors, devices, networks, computing, storage, data analytics and control systems. Many of these technologies will be delivered by Cisco or by our Internet of Everything ecosystem of Partners.

One example is the work Cisco and our partners are doing for the city of San Mateo in California is focused on intelligent parking. Looking for parking in crowded urban corridors is maddening and it's also a big contributor to carbon emissions and poor air quality. To address these issues, Cisco is working with Streetline, a San Francisco-based technology company that aims to cut the time and frustration of finding an open spot. Together the companies have installed a sensor-based, real-time mobile parking application that automatically updates users with parking information for 21 locations. Consumers use the app to find an open parking spot in advance, saving them mass amounts of time and frustration.

Again being the "Internet's plumber" while developing intelligence, analytics and applications for our customers allows us to make the Internet of Everything a reality in many ways with our customers and partners with the focus of solving business or government issues. Today's issues are around creating efficiencies, revenue and productivity in a tough economic environment. That has always been our focus at Cisco.

Question #2

You oversee an important area for Cisco, the business plan for state and local government, educational institutions at all levels, and the U.S. federal government; and you also have extensive experience in expensive IT and communications technology. Help a small business owner: what are your secrets to rallying the troops to always be successful?

The honest truth about our businesses at Cisco, and it is especially true in the U.S. public sector, is that we are a microcosm of all of our business models from the small business owner to the global enterprise, from a vertical focus to ensuring we support a large geography that includes creating service providers and cloud provides in our customer environment.

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