Jim Cramer: Starbucks' Buried Treasure

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Imagine a company with an offering that allows you to do mobile payments in advance of entry into the store while offering you all sorts of loyalty deals and comforts -- a turnkey system that can be integrated on pretty much every platform that's secure and steadfast. If that company were to come public right now, I bet it would have an instant valuation of at least $10 billion -- if it could go public.

I just don't think it would be given that opportunity. It would more than likely be acquired by another company, such as Facebook (FB) or Google (GOOG), and it would be integrated into a handheld strategy as, of course, everything is in your phone. It would be the holy grail operating system that could be used for everything from restaurants and retailers to purchases online. It could, if you designed it right, eliminate the anti-competitive middlemen that are Visa (V) and MasterCard (MA). It could be a boon, therefore, to the consumer and the retailer. 

I could see a bidding war between Google and Facebook and perhaps even a newly aggressive Microsoft (MSFT) (which is not an oxymoron -- give me a break). Then we'd see a hand-and-glove transition that would be adopted by all those who want to do business with people who are in a position to take a consumer's cash. Who knows? Maybe the company would be so compelling that even Apple (AAPL) would buy it, perhaps, instead of its own stock, because it would be able to augment growth.

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