Apple Must Do a TV

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- TV shipments down again; Would Apple enter a shrinking market?

That's a headline another financial media outlet used last week to top an Apple (AAPL) story. There's no need to link to the article; it's void of anything worth reading.

However, the headline contains something to explore.

It strikes me as funny that we're all so sure Apple has wearable technology, particularly a smartwatch (iWatch), coming sooner or later. Forget shrinking markets -- why would Apple enter a fabricated market, one created and perpetuated by a technology industry that has run out of ideas and can't seem to effectively up the utility of existing devices.

Apple should focus on increasing the efficacy of (and need to own and upgrade) its iPhone by getting it to the point where it can do everything something that's "wearable" can do. So, in other words, to make the rumored Healthbook work, all you need to do is keep your iPhone in your pocket and maybe hold it to your nose or something a few times a day.

The last thing I need is another device to carry around, be it on my person or in my purse.

Plus the next to last thing Apple should do is chase a market names such as Intel (INTC) seem so excited about. That's a surefire way to enter an area of consumer need and want that, for all intents and purposes, doesn't exist ... at least not to the level Apple's accustomed to based on its experiences with iPod, iPhone and iPad.

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