Apollo Medical Holdings Partners With Rite Aid On Pioneering Health Alliance To Improve Patient Health And Treatment Outcomes

Apollo Medical Holdings, Inc. ("ApolloMed") (OTC-QB: AMEH), an integrated physician-centric healthcare delivery company, today announced that ApolloMed ACO has partnered with Rite Aid (NYSE: RAD), one of the nation’s leading drugstore chains, on a pioneering program to provide community-based health management for patients with chronic and poly-chronic health conditions. Rite Aid Health Alliance will help patients in the greater Los Angeles area achieve health improvement goals established by their ApolloMed ACO physicians.

“Rite Aid's Health Alliance fits with our integrated model of providing comprehensive care and support to individuals with chronic conditions,” stated Warren Hosseinion, M.D., Chief Executive Officer of Apollo Medical Holdings. “ApolloMed ACO patients will have access to dedicated care teams of pharmacists, who are among the most accessible and trusted healthcare resources, and specially trained in-store healthcare coaches at select Rite Aid locations throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. We started this program in the fall of 2013 and the initial feedback from patients, their families and primary care physicians has been outstanding.”

Patients with conditions such as congestive heart failure, COPD, high cholesterol and diabetes, are recommended to the program by their ApolloMed ACO primary care physician. Rite Aid pharmacists and specially trained care coaches, located in Rite Aid pharmacies, work with the physician and patient on an on-going basis to improve the patient’s overall health and self-management abilities. The care team members collaborate with the patient to establish health goals, eliminate barriers and create a personalized health care action plan in coordination with the patient’s physician.

“Through our innovative Rite Aid Health Alliance program and partnership with ApolloMed, we will help patients with the resources and support necessary to successfully manage their conditions and improve their overall health and well being,” said Rite Aid Chairman and CEO John Standley.

The full range of services available to patients participating in Rite Aid Health Alliance includes medication compliance support, comprehensive medication reviews and reconciliation, nutrition and weight management information, disease education, exercise coaching and tobacco cessation support. Records of all program patient interactions occurring in Rite Aid pharmacies and updates from their ApolloMed ACO physician are stored electronically, along with patient profiles including medications and lab results. This supports continuity of care and provides convenient access of information to other members of the patient's healthcare team.