Back to South LA. The condition of the Walmart there isn't lost on shoppers, who absolutely do have other options in the dense, wide-ranging Southern California region.

Consider the following correspondence:

Thank you so much for bringing attention to the condition the Baldwin Hills Walmart store. It's absolutely deplorable!
I happened to go there yesterday (3/14), simply to pick up tickets from their Ticketmaster counter ...
I then visited the ladies room, which was filthy, hot, & smelly with trash everywhere & toilets that wouldn't flush properly. I was totally offended. I told the manager & encouraged other customers who where in the restroom complaining to do the same.
I am embarrassed every time I visit this location, which has dwindled down to never, as I stated I was only there to pick up concert tickets.  I grew up in this neighborhood; our residents deserve the same service, cleanliness, & selection that I see in Buena Park or Torrance locations. This store needs to be turned upside down ...
I blame the Walmart Corporation because they are allowing this store to fly well under the radar of decency. ALL of their locations are a reflection of their overall standard/quality of operations.

If you're an investor, consider this writing on the wall. It's sure as heck not an example of a management team exercising fiscal responsibility on behalf of its shareholders. In fact, it's just the opposite. At this point, you should be beyond ashamed to even own Walmart stock.

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