Winners Of the Growing Data Masking Market

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- The era of big data has made the massive databases around the world more precious and valuable than ever, yet it's also made them more subject to hacker targeting than ever. As the Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden cases have helped highlight over the past 12 months, a lot of the most damaging data breaches at both the corporate and government levels are coming from within the organization itself; data is at the greatest risk of exposure when access becomes more convenient.

Organizations across the private and public sectors are now becoming acutely cautious about the threat of internal perpetrators, creating a proliferation of demand in the young market of data masking where a select few companies have landed a coveted spot in Gartner's Magic Quadrant based on their effective vision and execution.

Informatica (INFA) CEO Sohaib Abbasi recently summed up during a conversation with TheStreet that "the whole data security market is being transformed."

Informatica is one of the companies highlighted in the Magic Quadrant for its data masking work. "The old way of doing analytics or data privacy was to secure the perimeter, to keep the bad guys out," he explained. "But in this new world, there is no perimeter. Data is on premise, data is in the cloud, data is in social media, data is on mobile devices, data someday will be on sensors. Where is the perimeter? There is no perimeter anymore. So most customers recognize that they need to take another look and ask themselves what it is that they're trying to secure."

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