Apple may soon have to do some soul-searching to see where it will fit into the marketplace in three to five years. It has to meet the needs of the market, and as BlackBerry painfully found out the hard way, one or two miss-steps and a company can go from hero to zero faster than a Tesla (TSLA) supercharger can get you back on the road again.

Cook's comments notwithstanding, If Microsoft can have a change of heart in pricing for its software, it's reasonable to believe Apple may do the same if left without a choice. Since Apple already generates sales through apps, unlike Microsoft, Apple will be playing defense to maintain instead of growing sales.

GOOG Chart

In Google Has Picked Microsoft's Low-Hanging Fruit, I outline why Google's easy days of converting Windows users into Google's ecosphere have come to a close. A free Windows Phone offering goes right to the heart of my thesis that Microsoft has shifted its strategy from OS and software sales to alternative income streams.

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