Hint for Buying Your Next Car: Use Some Mojo

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Are you one of those car shoppers who buys a new car every few years or simply leases a car because shopping for a used car makes your brain burst and steam shoot out your ears?

Well, here's a quick test for you, visit Cars.com or AutoTrader.com and when your head stops spinning from the clutter, bursting banner ads and pop-ups, try a visit to the more sedate and simple to use MojoMotors.com

Absorb the simplicity. Notice the limited options you have. No pop-ups, no banner ads. Just simplicity.

Want to search for a Cadillac CTS within 75 miles? Go for it. That's about as complicated as it gets. Please, I urge you to try it out after you read this article.

This simplicity is exactly what Paul Nadjarian, founder and CEO of Mojo Motors, was going for. When I talked to him earlier this week, he told me that the "key to Mojo is simplicity." 

Nadjarian is a born and bred Michigan boy, so it's no surprise that he got his start at Ford (F). After working in marketing and sales, he drove over to a job at eBay Motors (EBAY), before eventually leaving to start his own company.

That's when Mojo Motors was born.

Mojo is a great innovation for the user experience because Paul & Co. finally found a way to help both prospective used car buyers and the dealerships who use the platform. Yes, there's that word again: simplicity.

Dealerships basically pay a fee each month to have their inventory listed on the site. The results are pretty solid. 

See, this isn't just another way for dealers to get cars in front of prospective buyers. It's actually an efficient way for them to do so. 

On average, a used car dealer takes 50 days to sell any given car. If you were a car dealer and I told you that for a monthly rate, I could reduce your time of sale by 10 days, or 20%, would you be interested?

Of course you would!

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