Shorter Ads Sell Homes Faster

BOSTON (TheStreet) -- Attention home sellers: Keep it short. Brevity is the soul of wit when it comes to writing ad copy for your home -- as is good spelling, an analysis by property-listing site Redfin has found. researchers polled some 1,300 users recently and looked at in-house statistics to see what kind of listings appealed the most to consumers.

Their conclusion: short, typo-free ads work the best.

"A real-estate listing should be succinct and pack a punch, as opposed to rambling on," says Chad Dierickx, a Seattle Redfin agent who helped compile the analysis. "It's like listening to an overly verbose professor -- people sort of drift off after a certain point."

A Redfin review of all 2013 listings in 18 major markets found that homes with 50- to 69-word listings were 5.5% more likely to sell for above asking price. They also enjoyed a 1.3% better chance of selling in less than 90 days.

By contrast, properties with listings of 150 words or longer were 6.9% less likely to sell for above asking price, as well as 0.2% less likely to sell within three months.

Redfin also showed 20-, 50- and 100-word drafts of the same listing to some 1,300 online users and found that 52% favored the 50-word version.

Just 39.8% chose the 100-word edition, while 6.3% preferred the 20-word version and 1.9% had no preference.

The survey, an admittedly unscientific online poll conducted by Redfin and editing site, also found that listings with spelling or grammatical errors make a majority of consumers unlikely to even look at your home.

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