Why You're Stuck With Your Mortgage

BOSTON (TheStreet) -- It's a common rationalization: "I'll get the best mortgage I can now and refinance later if things change." A few years down the road, mortgage rates might be lower, or you might want to take some cash out of your home for something else. Refinancing can be a second bite of the apple.

But don't count on it. Homeowners who think refinancing will be a breeze often find the doors slammed in their faces. The mortgage you get today may be the one you're stuck with.

Despite historically low mortgage rates in the past few years, about half of mortgage holders have not refinanced, staying with older loans that cost more -- typically 6% or more when a refinancing could have cut the rate to below 4%, according to a survey by Fannie Mae.

The mortgage-backing company recently polled 1,327 homeowners with mortgages to find out why so many had not refinanced. Among the reasons cited by borrowers most often: not being able to reduce payments enough, feeling that closing costs were too high and not wanting to commit to additional years of payments.

Many homeowners reported they had been rejected for refinancing. Many simply did not qualify for refinancing even though they obviously had qualified for a mortgage before. Even though a new loan at a lower rate should have a lower payment, making qualifying easier, the borrower's credit rating may have slipped, or one spouse's job loss would reduce the household income below what was required.

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