Northwest Bio: Eine Deutsche Ubersetzung Ate My DCVax Pressemitteilung

Northwest Biotherapeutics ( NWBO), meet Google Translate. 

In what can only be described as a press release written by a former contributor to The Onion, Northwest Bio admits receiving the German "Hospital Exemption" decision for its brain cancer vaccine DCVax on Feb. 21, as I reported yesterday.

However, Northwest Bio was forced to delay a public announcement about the DCVAx early access "approval" for 19 days until March 10, because the letter from the Paul Ehrlich Institute was in German and the company needed to have it translated into English. Also, the translation of the letter from German into English had to be verified, and lawyers had to confirm the confirmation and more verifications needed to be verified and such forth.

Anyway, Northwest Bio says my story yesterday is all wrong because I just didn't understand that Germans speak German and Germany is really far away from America, separated by this big body of water known as the Atlantic Ocean.  

I'm really glad Northwest Bio cleared up the confusion. 

In other matters, Northwest Bio insists the phase III study of DCVax is "on track."

What does "on track" mean? How many patients are enrolled? Why hasn't the company been able to recruit patients in Germany, as promised? Why has Northwest "disappeared" the expected interim efficacy analysis? 

Northwest Bio refuses to answer the relevant questions. 

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