She doesn't bear responsibility for how it was handled by past management, and therefore can see clearly when deciding what to do next. 

Barra will do the right thing, because it's in everyone's best interest -- including hers. 

I suspect she'll be fully cooperative and try to handle the PR situation as best as possible. Not only does Barra have nothing to do hide, but she certainly doesn't want to begin her tenure at GM by trying to bury a criminal investigation. 

From a CNN report, "She said the company acted "without hesitation" and that it went "well beyond" the recommendations of technical experts."

So what happens to the stock price in all of this?

On Tuesday, the traders from CNBC's "Fast Money" TV show all offered their suggestions, which can be read here: Fast Money Recap: Driving the News.

Personally, I would avoid buying the automaker at current levels, at least for the next few weeks. 

This recent news is not good and remember, this is just the beginning in terms of the investigation. Plus, auto sales have not been knocking anyone's socks off over the past few months. 

Assuming sales eat into next quarter's earnings report, or at least hinder it, there just aren't any near-term catalysts to get excited about it. In fact, over the next few weeks, there are more negative catalysts that exist, as more information about the investigation will likely surface, (which isn't good). 

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