Sozzi: 3 Rules to Know as Your Twitter Following Explodes

This is the second column in a three-part series on how to navigate the corporate minefield.

NEW YORK (The Street) -- Remember the days when you had five followers on @Twitter with four of them being family members and the fifth a bot? Those were also the days of not recognizing that an egg default photo was horrifically lame, and actually was a deterrent to amassing more followers. Ha-ha....and I know you were so scared to change that egg default pic, while also harnessing a fear that five followers would be your total social community forevs.

But, I must extend a hearty congratulations to you, sport, as of today you are chilling at the 1,000 follower mark on Twitter (TWTR). Pretty amazing - you deserve a high five because probably buried in that 1,000-strong number is at least one influencer from your industry that was nabbed with a wicked awesome tweet that linked to a hilarious Vine cat video.

Ahh....but you are starting to realize there is a dark, hidden downside to a growing number of Twitter followers: there are more voices that are apt to comment on one of your tweets. Unlike the newb years on the real-time news platform, you no longer check who's following you, and that means not everyone on your list shares the same opinions on politics, business, cooking, sports, and pets. Here come the hatorade tweets by some jerk living in his mom's basement with three Twitter followers and 500 posts.

Having said all of this, I highly recommend you abide by these three rules (they also apply to Facebook (FB)) Twitter stud, or else the experience will become mentally overwhelming and, quite possibly, detrimental to your life and a career.

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