Apollo Medical Holdings Announces Launch Of ApolloMed Care Clinics

Apollo Medical Holdings, Inc. ("ApolloMed") (OTC-QB: AMEH), an integrated physician-centric healthcare delivery company, today announced the launch of ApolloMed Care Clinics, which will serve as both primary care medicine and post-discharge centers of excellence. As part of this strategy, ApolloMed has acquired three primary care clinics and started a de novo clinic.

The clinics are located within ApolloMed’s core service areas in Los Angeles. The three acquired clinics have served their communities for a combined total of more than 75 years, handle approximately 20,000 patient visits per year and provide adult primary care and pediatric services, as well as lab and imaging services.

The clinics will focus on the efficient delivery of ambulatory treatment and ancillary services, with an increasing emphasis on preventive care and management of chronic conditions. ApolloMed plans to differentiate its clinics by providing highly integrated comprehensive medical care for the entire family in anticipation of the on-going transformation of healthcare to value-based outcomes. The clinics will also serve as post-discharge centers for patients who have just left the hospital.

The future of healthcare delivery calls for all healthcare providers to reduce spending and improve the overall quality of care. The Affordable Care Act incentivizes physicians based on quality metrics, value over volume and encourages providers to treat patients outside of the hospital. This paradigm shift is taking care from its traditional delivery center, the hospital, to outpatient facilities. Additionally, the influx of newly insured individuals and the aging baby-boomer population will lead to more people requesting care in an outpatient setting.

Ed Rotan, Senior Vice President of Apollo Medical Holdings’ Maverick Medical Group, stated, “We provide our physician partners with a compelling value proposition. They gain access to our operational support infrastructure that utilizes highly advanced clinical applications and technology, and we conduct marketing and member relations services aimed at increasing patient flow. In short, we provide services that allow our physician partners to spend more time practicing quality medicine and less time on administrative functions.”