You see, while one would have normally have expected to see an Escalade or CTS featured in this kind of Cadillac ad, showing the plug-in ELR got the antennas spiked on those paying attention. As much as those of us in the industry are familiar with the ELR, it is largely an unknown to the general population, including those making over $400,000 per year.

You mean the best-looking Cadillac plugs in? That car? That may be the best-looking car from any brand. And it plugs in? Really?

It's one way to break the ice, that's for sure.

The genius behind this Cadillac ad is that it exposes the difference in mentality between most Americans, and the mentality that took root in Europe in the 1950s and 1960s: envy. In the UK, when people saw a Rolls Royce drive by on the road, people would yell "I want you out of that car!" In contrast, in the U.S. at the same time, when you saw a high-end Cadillac, the father would turn to the son and say: "Some day, we, too, will have a big Cadillac."

One mentality wanted to tax the successful and take away their earnings. The other mentality encouraged everyone to work harder and make more money.

We can only hope that Cadillac builds on this supremely successful ELR television ad with others that also celebrate traditional American rugged individualism, contrasting it against the food-stamp and eternal-university culture of today's youth.

The silent majority is still lurking under the surface of public bullying into political correctness, and with Cadillac publishing the best car ad of all time, we know it's morning in America again.

So watch the best car ad ever -- and raise the American flag in celebration. Well done, Cadillac!

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