Cadillac and the Best Car Ad Ever

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- It's morning in America again. Ronald Reagan did it and now amazingly Cadillac has done it, too. Cadillac has launched the most patriotic capitalism-loving ad in automotive history.

Milton Friedman used to say there is no such thing as a free lunch. Hard work creates its own luck, but that doesn't work if you don't work. We are now in the midst of a society that celebrates anything but work: Spend several years at a university, studying basket-weaving and oppressed minority grievances -- and you are praised. Same thing with winning the lottery or recording a nasty rap video.

However, start a business or work around the clock, and you are taxed and vilified. If you work hard and live a clean life, you are being forced to subsidize those who eat potato chips on their sofa all day long, when they're not in the tattoo parlor or getting a nose ring drilled into their skin.

It didn't always use to be this way. Before various stages over the last 100 years, America was the country of rugged individualism, where failure and laziness was not subsidized.

There have been moments in recent decades when the silent majority rebelled against the anti-American culture of sloth and idleness. In 1972 and 1984, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan each won 49 states in the greatest landslides of modern times.

The overwhelming positive response to this Cadillac ad is a reflection of the same phenomenon: Inside every member of the silent majority is a proud American waiting to be inspired by American superiority and celebration of capitalism.

It is not just people living in America who felt so good about this Cadillac ad, however. Oppressed people from all over the world, yearning to be free -- and rich -- are also inspired by Cadillac's celebration of American capitalism.

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