BG Medicine Welcomes Inclusion Of Galectin-3 In 2014 Indian Consensus Document On Cardiac Biomarkers

WALTHAM, Mass., March 10, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BG Medicine, Inc. (Nasdaq:BGMD) announced today that galectin-3 testing has been recognized for the first time in the newly issued 2014 Indian Consensus Document on Cardiac Biomarkers published by the Cardiological Society of India. [1] The Consensus Document on Cardiac Biomarkers reviews cardiac blood tests that are available for diagnosis and management in heart failure, and provides recommendations for physicians on their use and utility in caring for heart failure patients.

In the 2014 Indian Consensus Document on Cardiac Biomarkers, galectin-3 testing has been included, in addition to testing for the natriuretic peptides, B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) and NT-proBNP, for use in heart failure. The consensus document states: "B-type natriuretic peptide, in conjunction with Galectin-3, may be used to identify those patients at higher risk of readmission or death thus allowing the physician to better match the level of care to an individual patient's needs. These biomarkers are helpful to physicians, emergency physicians, and cardiologists in day-to-day practice."

Heart failure in India has been conservatively estimated to affect up to 4.6 million people, with up to 1.8 million new diagnoses made each year. [2]

"In India, heart failure is becoming a common reason for hospitalization in patients with cardiovascular disease," commented Jamshed J. Dalal, M.D., D.M., Ph.D., Director of Cardiology at Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai. "Rapid and accurate diagnosis with a technique that is easily available, cost effective and rapidly performed with both high sensitivity and specificity is of immense value to both the physician and the patient. Cardiac biomarkers fit the bill in all aspects, and rightfully are gaining popularity. However, they still need to be used more frequently and more appropriately. Galectin-3, a relatively new cardiac biomarker, further enhances the unique value that this testing provides. Prediction of future events and optimization of treatment with these tests is an added benefit that should be fully utilized by all clinicians treating patients with heart failure."

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