This Tweet Explains Why Sears Continues to Fail

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- For most companies, Twitter (TWTR) provides a place for self-promotion. A vehicle for customer engagement.

For Sears Holdings (SHLD), Twitter often spotlights the company's failure. Not the standard somebody erred in judgment and tweeted something offensive failure. But the organization-wide, attitudinal and operational failure that defines Sears.

Over the weekend, I was in Toronto. While on Yonge Street by the Eaton Centre, I snapped pictures of the Sears store that, at one time, anchored this mall.

Now the store's empty, leaving a hole in the heart of Toronto, literally and figuratively.

Toronto will be fine. It's a vibrant city. If it can live and thrive through Rob Ford, it will persist without Sears in the Downtown Core. But the results of Sears's patheticism sting a bit more elsewhere, particularly in smaller towns and resurgent places such as Oakland.

Anyway, the response from the official Sears Twitter account to my posting of these images is telling. It speaks to the cluelessness -- the culture of obviousness -- that mires so much of physical retail.

Here are the images and, after the click to Page Two, the Tweet that shows that Sears lives in a different world than the rest of us. One marked by delusion and blissful ignorance.

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